Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making wheel cover

 I made a wheel disc out of 4mm coroplast
‎1) I marked the circle 2) cut it with razor knife 3) drilled out axle hub hole with hole saw 3a) cut a straight line across the grain of the coro 4) warmed up the coro with a heat gun, not much just enought to make it more pliable 5) push the circle against the spokes to form a cone 6) mark the overlap at the cut‎7) cut out the overlap material 8) repeat fitting to wheel and cutting overlap material 9) now its formed into a nice cone so tape the front side together so the slit is tight together 10) drill holes thru half the coro where it will be joined 11)using hi heat glue gun glue on the joining strip‎12) the engineer in me thought the strip might affect balance so I glued a corresponding strip on the other side. 13)  use 16 zip ties and tie it on the wheel at the outside edge

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