Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am boxing in the side frontal area to stiffen up the body

finished look of boxed in area

I didn't like the feel of the tiller steering that I had. I went back to under seat steering. It turn out that I have enough room for it and it feels much more stable on corners. You have a lot more leverage with under seat than you do with tiller steering.

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Anonymous said...

How warm does it stay inside during the winter? I'm going to add a 66cc motor to mine when I build it. I am shure that will help with warmth. I am hoping to get 100+ mpg with the velo shell. I will also eventualy add 2 1000w hub motors as the front wheels. Then I will hook up the motor to the bike gear system, allowing me to travle at much faster speeds and improve the MPG again.